We set very high standards with regard to attendance. Regular attendance is very important and absences should be restricted to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or family difficulties. We are legally required to keep accurate records of attendance and to supply data on attendance to the Local Authority. Because of this, a reason must be provided for all absences, otherwise they cannot be authorised.  Please report the reason for any absence to Mrs Pitkin or Mrs Millington or to your child’s teacher as soon as possible, preferably before 9.00am on the day of absence. 

Holidays during term time cannot be authorised.

Unexplained absences are always queried.

We encourage good attendance at school and an Attendance Certificate is awarded each term to the class with the highest attendance.  Children with attendance of 100% throughout the year are rewarded with a Good Attendance Certificate at the end of the year.  A record of each child’s attendance is included in their end of year report. 

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