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Who's Who

Meet the dedicated staff at Brookland Junior School.

Senior Leadership Team

                                                                 Senior Leadership Team 1 Mr Gavin Douglas - Headteacher
                                                                 Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs Aysha Pettit- Acting Deputy Headteacher/ Senco

Administration and Site Management

Administration and Site Management 1 Mrs Lin Pitkin- Admin Assistant
Administration and Site Management 2 Mrs Shirley Jones- Office Manager
Administration and Site Management 3 Mr Paul Smith- Site Manager
Administration and Site Management 4 Mrs Shelley Bridgeman- HR and Finance Manager

Year Group Leaders

Year Group Leaders  1 Mrs Lucy Booth- Year 3 Leader
Year Group Leaders  2 Mrs Caroline Abraham- Year 4 Leader
Year Group Leaders  3 Mrs Lorna Tuck- Year 5 Leader
Year Group Leaders  4 Mrs Kirsty Harris- Year 6 Leader

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Mrs Alex Aristidou
Class Teachers 2 Mr John Bennett
Class Teachers 3 Mrs Patricia Douglas
Class Teachers 4 Mr Duncan Scott
Class Teachers 5 Ms Mansi
Class Teachers 6 Mr Matthew Kaal
Class Teachers 7 Mrs Melanie Green
Class Teachers 8 Mr Thomas Gee
Class Teachers 9 Miss Sarah Goodman- Maternity Leave

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs Anne Clark
Teaching Assistants 2 Miss Jo Carruthers
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss Karen Cheater
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs Dawn Hall
Teaching Assistants 5 Miss Sally Bishop
Teaching Assistants 6 Miss Tracey Owen
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs Pauline Coombs
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs Angie Stock
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs Louise Clarke
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs Josie Bates
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs Christine Dunn
Teaching Assistants 12 Miss Howes
Teaching Assistants 13 Mrs Jeanette Perry
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs Fiona Hill
Teaching Assistants 15 Mrs Tina Ingrao

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team 1 Mrs Nicola Harmel- SEN Administrator
Inclusion Team 2 Mrs Evelyn Pope- Pastoral Leader