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Lesson 5

Success Criteria

I will continue to create my own individual art by adding a coat of papier mache 

I will think back to my sketch books for ideas


1. Think back on work you completed in your sketch book. If you can, discuss your ideas with someone.

2. Plan how to create the 3d head/ thorax/ abdomen and how to attach wings and legs etc

3. Once you have made your basic insect shape with masking tape and newspaper, you need to cover it in papier mache. Either use newspaper again (but you will need to paint it) or use coloured paper. In school for the glue we will use PVA glue watered down sligthly. You might have to use whatever you have to hand.


Remember papier mache is very messy so get permission and use a paint shirt! It will also need a long tme to dry.