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Dear Parents and children,


I hope that you have had a wonderful, restful half term.


Moving forward into Spring term two, we will be working from the text, "Tales from Outer Suburbia," by Shaun Tan with it's thought provoking text and wonderful artwork before moving onto work on the writing style of  biographies.


In Maths, your continued support with multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 and rapid recall of number bonds up to one million will aid the children as they come onto learning about fractions in more depth this term.


Our topic of Eastern Europe is sure to fascinate and interest all and Science learning about the circle of life for animals and plants is perfect as we move into Spring and a period of new growth.


If you believe you can achieve!

Children, let's keep," growing," our learning and our mindset and the sky really is the limit!


Kind Regards,


Mrs Greathead.

Spellings for Year Five. Starting with week 1 of Spring 2 after half term. Words ending in ious.




Happy New Year 2020.

This half term seems to be speeding by and children have been working with enthusiasm and zest!


Ask them about Leisure and Entertainment last century as they have been learning about the origins of cinema and silent movies and significant television events of the last century. They were surprised to learn that the Queen's coronation was the reason that most people in Britain bought or rented a television in the nineteen fifties.


Our topic learning is now taking us on holiday, with a look at holiday parks and attractions with the change of the law in 1939 allowing hard -working families time to take one week's paid holiday, at first here in Britain and then abroard.


Debate, drama and looking at changes in character have all featured heavily in our learning of William Shakespeare's tradegy, "Macbeth," where persuasive language has been developed to write a balanced argument.   Speaking and listening with use of intonation and expression is currently being worked on in class.


In Maths, your support with times tables knowledge has been of great benefit to the children as they start to use more formal methods to multiply larger numbers with up to four digits with two digit number and solve relevant word problems. In their Mathematics, encouraging children to draw arrays and bar models or make jottings is a valuable skill to help them with more complex calculations.


Children in Elder have really enjoyed their music lessons at Haileybury Turnford this term where they have worked on tempo and composition in small groups with percussion instruments.


Next term we will start to learn about Eastern Europe and Mountains among other subjects and continue with our learning on materials.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions. Thank you for your support in your child's education.

Kind Regards

Mrs Greathead.



Making our own pulleys.

Making our own pulleys. 1
Making our own pulleys. 2
Making our own pulleys. 3
Making our own pulleys. 4
Making our own pulleys. 5
Making our own pulleys. 6
Making our own pulleys. 7
Making our own pulleys. 8
Making our own pulleys. 9