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Monday 6th July 2020.


Dear children and parents,

Good morning everyone.

  As the weeks roll on towards the end of term, I hope that you are all well and that, children, you realise how much you have achieved in this unique time of working from home.


Today, as class reports are issued, take a minute to reflect on how this report is based on what you have done in school up until the lockdown and how hard you worked. Prior to March, you applied your basic numbers skills to  Maths calculations and problem solving and I enjoyed the way you, as a class, relish the challenge and love to assess and mark your own work.

In English we had lots of fun with our class texts of Macbeth and Beowulf and just remember how brilliantly investigative and hands on you were in Science too.


As a class, you are so aware of the Unicef rights respecting ethos that is so important to each and everyone of us in school and  this was shown regularly when you discussed and resolved any issues that arose with each other after lunch and playtime, so be proud of that. But the learning never stops so enjoy learning new things.


 We all have our own things to work on and everyone will have something specifically to them.  None of us know everything and none of us are perfect.


You will undoubtedly have grown in many ways over this time and faced the challenges of working at home and not seeing your friends.  You have been working hard and found a way that works for you and that's brilliant! Never under estimate this strength and resilience that you have shown, in these times that haven't been easy for anyone . You are all shining stars with potential to unlock, one step at a time.


Today's English is something a little different as there is a song that you can learn off by heart and the words are worth listening to. In the song it states:"You have the power in you and nothing is going to hold you back. " It's true. Not even a global pandemic!

So keep a positive, "I can do it," attitude and keep smiling.

I miss you all and am looking forward to hearing from you this week with your photos, work and anything that you may want to share with me or the rest of your class on the website.


I hope that you are all able to stay in touch with each other too. If you haven't heard from one of your friends for a while; give them a call or a facetime, ( with Mum and Dad's permission of course.)

Email me if there is anything at all I can help you with. 

And a mention to Robbie, Jay, Tianna, Aydin and Chloe for some super purple mash work.

It was lovely to speak to Jaden, Nathan, Jay, Francesca and Chloe on the telephone. If I have forgotten to mention anyone then I apologise .

Have a fantastic week.

24th June 2020


Dear parents and children,

I hope that things are starting to adjust now for you and your families to a new normal.  I know that you are all working hard and I think I've spoken to most of you now and I'm delighted to hear how creative you are being and how hard you are working.  As you know, I am working from home at the moment and so having to rely on others to print off work etc. but I will do what I can. I don't mind printing off the odd sheet and posting them to you or dropping them through your door, just email me.  I hope you are still managing to keep active and healthy. I have taken on a press up challenge and am on Day 14. Can you do a press up? I am trying to do 25 press ups on my toes but so far I have only got to 19! Also, I am trying to extend the time that I can hold a front plank for. Try it and email me how long you can hold one for? Can you improve your time?



Things to concentrate on:

What gaps do you have in your learning?


I am reading a children's book by Terry Pratchett at the moment. It's very humorous and written for children of your age. What are you reading? Can you recommend a book to your friends?

Try to read regularly and complete reading comprehensions. ( There are purple mash tasks on an autobiography  or I am happy to set different tasks for individuals at their level.) Ensure you complete some written reading comprehensions ) you can print off on the website under English.



There are extended writing tasks on the website using film clips for a stimulus. These are a good idea and allow children to choose the subject that interests them. There are also language support sheets to help them to meet their Year Five targets. It would be good if children could write at least one piece of extended writing a week to keep up their skill level, on purple mash or by hand and email it to me.



There are many purple mash tasks online and I check them every day. Also, Mrs Tuck has put many tasks on the website which will help your child. 


There are some creative music and art tasks on purple mash too so remember to keep a range of activities and practise your spellings and times tables too.


Please stay safe and keep well. I hope you all manage to start enjoying some of the rules that are being relaxed soon. At least some people will be able to have haircuts before no-one can see where they are going!

I look forward to reading some of your writing by email over the weekend.

Take care.

Mrs Greathead.

15th June 2020.


Dear parents and children,


I hope this note finds you all well and I 'm really pleased to have been able to contact some of you by phone last week. It really was so nice to speak to some of you and I plan to talk to everyone if I can. I have left a few messages too.

The simple message is that I and the rest of Year Five are here to help you and make sure you stay on track with your learning.


Whatever you need to help you , I'll do my best to help as it's looking unlikely that we will be back in school as a whole class, before the end of the year.

Some children are working hard with the Oak academy, ( see our class photos for Jack's tremendous efforts.) Some children are working through the website work and I 'd really like to see some of your writing on the piano this week. Some children have worked hard on their Spellings and Maths.


Robbie, Chloe, Aydin, Ryan ,Jay and Skyla have send me some excellent purple mash work last week and there is a new story which involves designing a menu with at least five chapters on there.


Also, I have put some dates to hand work in by, so if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, try to do the work with dates on first.

I hope you and your families are looking after each other and please don't hesitate to contact me as , as I stated before, I really am happy to help. I am here to make sure you are supported so email me with whatever queries you have. And keep the photos coming too!

Have a great week and best wishes,

Mrs Greathead.


Monday 8th June 2020


As another week passes, i really hope that you have been able to see some of your family and friends by now and it's lifted your spirits.


I want to give a special mention this week to Aydin, Ava L, Jay, Latoyah and Ryan and Robbie who have all been working extremely hard on purple mash and are making good progress towards their Year Five targets.  I'd like to hear what everyone else has been keeping up with.


I know how difficult it must be working from home, but I'd be really grateful if a few more of you could send me a photo of the writing you have been doing as I know how easy it is to get out of the habit of it. The film clip of the Piano on the literacy shed is our writing focus this week and I think you will enjoy writing the flashbacks. It's a good technique used by many authors and film makers. 

Or maybe you made your bow and arrow and can send me a photo? 


i hope you are also continuing to learn your spellings on purple mash. Remember that if you do work in small manageable chunks it feels a lot more manageable. I call this the ,"salami," method. Take your work and tackle it , one slice at a time! 


Did anyone manage the PE challenges from last week? My current goal is to complete 25 press ups a day. How many would I do in the month of June if I did 25 press ups every day? What about if I did 25 press ups this February? ( Have a think about what you know about the days in a month?) 


Keep smiling, stay positive.

Email me anytime.

With warm wishes,

Mrs Greathead.



Active June challenge. Mrs Greathead can do 20 burpees in a row and a 3 minute plank! But I find high knees and tuck jumps really difficult. What can you do? I am tryng to improve. I'm going to do this too! Good luck!

Monday 1st June 2020


Hello Elder class children and parents,


How are you all? I hope you are feeling well and had a restful half term break, (enjoying movie nights, paddling pools, video games, books and busting those tik toks!)

Such a lot seems to have changed in such a short time doesn't it? I am sure you are feeling happier that you are able to meet up carefully with a few friends from today at a sensible social distance.  I expect you have missed each other terribly at the start. If you haven't managed to meet up yet then hopefully we will all be reunited and back in school soon.


Firstly, I cannot wait to see your cooking from last term and hear about your arguments for vegetarianism.  I also want to hear from anyone about what you know already about railways, our new topic.  

Our world is a strange place at the moment but at least lockdown is finally lifting, just a little.  

Anyway, please share news and send me your photos.  I have been doing some painting in my garden in the sunshine and assessing some of your learning over the half term.  Please don't hesitate to email me if I can help you with anything.  If you find anything tricky, email me and I will be happy to send you websites that can help you or a voice note on purple mash.


Take care.

Mrs Greathead.

Monday 18th May 2020


Dear children and parents of Elder class,


Hello and how are you? I really hope you are ok and I would really like to see your most recent photos and updates. I am pleased that I passed the first level of my sign language course this week, ( although the first time I took the test I failed so had to go back and retake it;) so I just wanted to say that even teachers don't get it right the first time. Never give up on things that are tricky as that is when the BEST learning takes place. If you need any help, I will happily give you weblinks for videos to help you.


I know how hard you have been working as I have seen lots of your purple mash work and I 'd like to give a special mention to Ava G who did so well with her online Maths this week and also to Lauren who corrected her English work about living in 2115 and resubmitted the edited version.  Aydin , Ryan and Robbie have been working hard on his online Maths and Ava L is working hard on her division.


I'm looking forward to reading your mystery work that is under the English section on the website and don't forget about showing acts of kindness for Mental Health week. See the section on PSHE on here too.

This week is our last week of learning before half term. I have loaded some spelling assessment quizzes onto purple mash for you to check your progress. Stay safe. I hope some of you have managed to meet up for a socially distanced walk. It must make things feel a lot better; especially now the sun is out.

Do look after yourselves.

Kind regards and my best wishes,

Mrs Greathead.

11th May 2020


Dear children and parents,

Hello everyone. I really hope that you were able to enjoy the wonderful weather over the VE bank holiday weekend and feel relaxed and refreshed to start a new week despite the uncertainty at this time.  I have been on some online courses this last week and can now sign language the alphabet and use a jet washer!


It seems that this situation will continue for the immediate future so I just wanted to take a moment to clarify a couple of things. 

I am marking your purple mash work; I've been really impressed with work coming in so far.  I am able to send you voice notes and bespoke feedback of what you need to do to improve but if work is of a very high standard then I have also been pinning it to the Brookland School pinboard for everyone to see.  This week, a special mention goes to Robbie who wrote a wonderful piece on the world in 2068 and it is on the 2displayboard if you click at the top of your purple mash screen. 

Some of you made some great digital art too. Isla did a wonderful piece and so did Chloe and Isabel. Have a look on the Thank you NHS board for some of our class work.


I have received some excellent writing from Georgia and George and I'd love to see more of your writing in response to the mystery story video clips from the last two weeks.


I expect you are feeling happy that you are now able to go on family picnics and to the park if your family feel that it's ok for you to do that. Enjoy your time with your familes and stay safe and socially distanced.


All my best wishes,

Mrs Greathead.


4th May 2020


Dear Children and Parents,


How are you? I am sure you have settled into a new routine now and I hope you enjoyed the You Tube video that the Brookland team put together. 

Last night I watched a short video that some of our children have put together too. It really brought a smile to my face!  How lucky are we to have such a great school community? I hope it won't be too long before we all get together again.


I have received lots of emails and messages from you all and thank you for staying in touch. I hope you have all been managing to log on to your feedback on purple mash and I am also giving individual feedback to the extended writing tasks for this week and next on mystery stories. It is important to keep reading and writing to meet your targets.


This last week I have been planning more of your learning as well as learning British sign language. I can now fingerspell all the letters of the alphabet and am feeling very proud of myself. Lots more to learn, but I have made a start.

Remember, you can email me at any time and I'll happily support you.

Stay safe and well and look after your family.

Mrs Greathead.


Mrs Greathead wrote a poem. Look up any words that you don't know and maybe you could write your own. This is to show that we are all unsure of this situation at the moment and have lots of feelings about it but it won't last forever. Stay safe.

  Tuesday 28th April 2020

Dear children and parents,


Hello, how are you all?


Thank you for the emails and photos that you have been sending in. It's been so nice to see your faces; I'm sure you all miss each other terribly but it has been so good to see that you are learning new ways of learning and growing together.  I know many of you are using facetime and other such video apps to collaborate, learn and play together. I've been doing the same and even written a couple of quizzes and a poem.

We have all adapted in these unusual times haven't we? 


I 've heard about dog walks, Nhs tributes,craft activities and left lots of voice notes on your purple mash feedback. I have absolutely no idea how they sound to you so I hope they are of some use!  I'm looking forward to reading some of your mystery writing too; it would be good if you could email it to me.


We have all enjoyed wonderful weather up until now haven't we? I have been using my new lawnmower and jet washer to sort out my jungle of a garden in my spare time and enjoyed some beautiful walks noticing the blossoms and the birds, ( If only I had a dog!!)


Please continue to email me your news, share your photos and let me know how you are getting on. I miss seeing your faces and hearing your ideas.


Look after yourselves and your families and take care.

Stay safe,

with my very warmest wishes,

Mrs Greathead.




20th April 2020.


Dear Children and Parents,


I hope you had a wonderful Easter at home with your families and managed to have fun and relax a little despite everything that is going on.  I am missing seeing you all every day;(with your unexpected tik tok moves, lovely singing and dancing and sense of fun,) but I 'm helping my own children at home when they need it. One of my son's starts his exams at home today, imagine that!?


Mrs Tuck has added some new Maths and Science work today and I am adding a new unit for English which covers mystery and suspense stories.  I am sure you will enjoy it, I did. The picture book  called," the Watertower," and is a really interesting, thought provoking read. I am really keen to read your writing task  where you write a diary entry as one of the characters.( Look under English on the website for this , under Year Five.)


I will continue to add to the purple mash tasks and monitor them, giving feedback and am always available on the email if you have any questions or need any help with anything. That is what I am here for and I really do want to help you. 


Also, you will notice more work has been added to the website so that you don't run out of things to do! Of course, do not do everything. My advice to you is to try to master something that you find a little challenging and then email and tell me what you are proud of this week but make sure you keep up with your spellings, mental maths and multiplication, English reading and writing and general Maths. If you haven't already looked at your assessment tests that you took home, it's a good idea to try to think about the questions you went wrong on and learn from these mistakes too. 


This Easter I haven't started the ukulele yet but have my practising my singing and it's improving!! Also, I have mastered lots of new technology during lockdown, ( which is harder than it sounds when you reach my lovely age!)


Stay in touch and I will always respond to your emails. If you send any photos of your home schooling, please make sure you to let me know if you give permission for it to go on the website. It will be lovely to share your learning on here and make us all feel part of the Elder class community.

Stay safe, stay well, look after each other.


All my best wishes,


Mrs Greathead.



3rd April 2020

Dear children and parents of Elder class,

Thank you for your messages and hard work and I hope that many of you are now adjusting to this new situation and looking after each other.

You will notice that there is a folder on the website for your photos and this will be a great way for us to all keep in contact when we can’t see our each other as much.  If photos are emailed, please let me know on the email if you are happy for them to be added to website.

 I’ve been learning too, over this last two weeks.  Mainly how to use the various conference call and video ways of keeping in touch with people. It’s good to learn new things!

Fantastic efforts have been evident on Purple mash where I have marked some excellent learning and children who redo tasks are learning and improving on their mistakes too.  Spellings continue to be important and it’s a good idea to keep learning them.  There are some fantastic interactive games on www.spellingzone  where Years 5 and 6 spelling patterns are explained and you can practise any that you are not sure of. 

Remember to have a look through the tests that you took just before we closed to see where you went wrong; practise your mental Maths and try not to panic about your learning. Just concentrate on what is important for you to work on; you don’t have to complete every task.  I can let you know what you and your child need to work on, or your mid-term test results; just drop me a message at any time. I check messages every day or so and won’t be going anywhere!

Finally, try not to eat too much chocolate over the Easter break and keep active with your Joe Wicks PE session or daily exercise or whatever it is that suits you. My living room has become a home gym, café and cinema just recently!

I thought I’d add a photo for you of my cat who is very puzzled as to why everyone is at home all the time and also some flowers from my garden.  Although things seem very tricky at the moment, remember to take time to do the things you enjoy and help you to relax.

Stay safe and look after each other.

With best wishes,

Mrs Greathead.

Dear Elder class,

It’s been just over a week now since schools had to close and I hope that this message finds you and your families safe and well.   Adjusting to lockdown life is strange isn’t it? We are all finding new ways of doing things.  I am missing coming to work and seeing of you and do remember that you can contact me anytime on the email,

I am looking forward to seeing some of your efforts and I am checking and setting Purple mash tasks regularly. Only this morning, I’ve happily been able to give out some rewards for effort and excellence for some of the tasks.

There are many activities on the website and I suggest that you do what you can, in small, manageable steps. Don’t try to do it all at once or feel that you have to complete every task given. Remember that if something is tricky then it means that you are learning from it and don’t hesitate to contact me as I am more than happy to support you in your learning.

Parents, if you are finding it hard to know what to do first, this website is quite good to break down the learning into days, weeks etc.

This time brings new challenges and I am going to try and learn something new and creative, I’ve even bought a ukulele to try to teach myself via YouTube! (Luckily I can ask my guitar playing son to help.) I’m also keeping an historic journal, (do you remember reading Anne Frank’s?) Keeping a diary is a good way to keep writing and to help process your thoughts and you will be making history for the future too!

I’d really like to hear your news. What have you been doing? How creative are you getting? I hope you are helping your families, brothers and sisters and finding new ways of keeping in touch with friends.

At the moment, the year five team are putting together some new learning for moving forward with and I will update the website once we have completed this.  Don’t forget about the Easter holidays too where I think we are all entitled to a relaxing break!

I plan to write a message on here regularly as a way of staying in touch.  Our Brookland teachers and assistants are all doing an amazing job in providing a service for the keyworker’s children as are our NHS, shop workers, delivery workers and the Royal Mail.   If you know anyone with a job like this, how about writing an email of support or encouragement to them? Something to make them smile is appreciated at a time like this.

Please stay safe and keep washing your hands.

With my very best wishes,

Mrs Greathead.

Dear Parents and children,


I hope that you have had a wonderful, restful half term.


Moving forward into Spring term two, we will be working from the text, "Tales from Outer Suburbia," by Shaun Tan with it's thought provoking text and wonderful artwork before moving onto work on the writing style of  biographies.


In Maths, your continued support with multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 and rapid recall of number bonds up to one million will aid the children as they come onto learning about fractions in more depth this term.


Our topic of Eastern Europe is sure to fascinate and interest all and Science learning about the circle of life for animals and plants is perfect as we move into Spring and a period of new growth.


If you believe you can achieve!

Children, let's keep," growing," our learning and our mindset and the sky really is the limit!


Kind Regards,


Mrs Greathead.

Spellings for Year Five. Starting with week 1 of Spring 2 after half term. Words ending in ious.




Happy New Year 2020.

This half term seems to be speeding by and children have been working with enthusiasm and zest!


Ask them about Leisure and Entertainment last century as they have been learning about the origins of cinema and silent movies and significant television events of the last century. They were surprised to learn that the Queen's coronation was the reason that most people in Britain bought or rented a television in the nineteen fifties.


Our topic learning is now taking us on holiday, with a look at holiday parks and attractions with the change of the law in 1939 allowing hard -working families time to take one week's paid holiday, at first here in Britain and then abroard.


Debate, drama and looking at changes in character have all featured heavily in our learning of William Shakespeare's tradegy, "Macbeth," where persuasive language has been developed to write a balanced argument.   Speaking and listening with use of intonation and expression is currently being worked on in class.


In Maths, your support with times tables knowledge has been of great benefit to the children as they start to use more formal methods to multiply larger numbers with up to four digits with two digit number and solve relevant word problems. In their Mathematics, encouraging children to draw arrays and bar models or make jottings is a valuable skill to help them with more complex calculations.


Children in Elder have really enjoyed their music lessons at Haileybury Turnford this term where they have worked on tempo and composition in small groups with percussion instruments.


Next term we will start to learn about Eastern Europe and Mountains among other subjects and continue with our learning on materials.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or questions. Thank you for your support in your child's education.

Kind Regards

Mrs Greathead.



Making our own pulleys.