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Busy Working at Home

It's great to know that so many children are still learning at home. The children will be soon be in year four; the learning they are doing now will really help them in September.

Maths: Standard Method for Multiplication
Art and Design: Line Drawing
Maths: Subtraction with Regrouping
English: The Alien
Rights Respecting - Respecting Each Other's Opinions
Maths: Understanding Time
English: Letters to Children in Year Two
Art and Design
English - The Witch's Pot
Maths - Time and Multiplication Square
Maths - Problem solving
Maths - Fractions and correspondence problems

Maths - Correspondence Problems

English - A Stranger Called the Morning

Geography - Designing a Rain Forest Animal

English - Creative Poetry

English - The Lighthouse Keeper
Art - Pictures of Spring

Design & Technology - Creative Modelling

English - The Lighthouse Keeper

This is a great story written in first person. Well done.

Working from Home

With the children learning from home the dinning table has become a desk in many homes, including mine.

Daily Exercise

The weather has been amazing and it has been so lovely to be able to get outside for fresh air. It would be great to share pictures of your children's daily exercise, whether it be a stroll in the park or a bike ride to the shops.

Using technology to edit and improve writing

It's great to know that so many children have enjoyed the English this week. Children love using technology when they write, as they can easily make changes. I look forward to sharing the finished story with the class.

Working and Playing

It's great to know that so many children in year three are completing the learning we are placing on the website. Keep developing those football skills, there can be a place for you in football club when school returns.

How does your garden grow?

Now is the perfect time to sow seeds. If you can't get to the shops, sunflower seeds intended for birds or those in rodent feed usually germinate and grow.

Busy Working

It's great to hear that so many of the class have been completing the learning that we have set. Keep it up. The next update will be on Friday 18th April, ready for after the Easter break.

Yummy Cakes

These look too good to eat. A contender for The Great British Bake Off.

First Aid

Why not learn some first aid whilst at home. Looks like fun!

Happy Birthday

One of our class turned eight in the last few days. We all hope that you had a lovely day.

Dear Parents,

We live in unprecedented times; a few short weeks ago none of us could have imagined schools closing, with no planned date for them to reopen.

I am privileged to be in the profession that I love. Every day you have trusted me to look after your children, to act in their best interests, to engage and motivate them. For that trust I am grateful.

All of the staff at Brookland will be available through new email addresses; please get in touch with me about the learning that we are placing on the website. It is our intention to update the website each Friday, ready for the following week.

Please also use the email address to send me pictures of your child holding their great art work or models that they have made; I will do my best to place the pictures you send me on our class page for others to see.

I look forward to seeing your children again, whether in a few weeks or a few months.

Kind regards,

Mr Bennett

Food Bank Donations

Thank you for the kind donations of food, which I know will be greatly appreciated by families in need.

The Life Cycle of a Plant

In Science we are learning about plants. We already knew about the different parts of a plant and their role. We have been learning about the life cycle of flowering plants, understanding what happens in each stage of the life cycle and that the cycle repeats its self.

World Book Day 2020

We dressed up as characters from our favourite books for World Book Day. Each teacher in year three told us about books that they love and we completed lots of fun activities.

An Introduction to Spreadsheets

In computing we have been learning that Spreadsheets are an essential piece of software used by businesses to organise and work with data. We used a simple spreadsheet to organise data and present information in graphs.

Well Being Week

We have being learning how to look after our emotional well being. We made these stress buckets to help us that everyone experiences stress, but sometimes there can be too many stressful things that can overwhelm us. We spent time discussing how stressful experiences make us feel and strategies that we can use to help us look after our emotional well being.

Erupting Volcanoes

This week we have been learning about volcanoes. We learnt about their features and some famous eruptions from the past. We enjoyed making these models showing the cone of the volcano, the vent at the top through which lava flows and the magma chamber inside the volcano.

We are getting ready to use all that we have learnt about mountains, tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes to write non-chronological reports, which we will be presented in our Published Work books.

Sedimentary Rock

In Science we are learning about rocks and soils. We have learnt that sedimentary rock is formed by small particles that settle, and become compressed, on the floor of oceans and other bodies of water. These small particles can be pieces of dead plants and animals, as well as faeces from living creatures. Don't worry, we didn't eat the models that we had made.

Using Spreadsheets to Create Graphs

We have entered data into simple a spreadsheet to create a graph. We then used the features of the spreadsheet to change the colours of the bar, the size of the intervals and the order of the data. Finally, we added a title to the graph.

International Week: Ecuador

We were inspired by the Ecuadorian artist Felix Arauz. His pieces usually included flowers, wildlife and the innocence of children's faces. We ensured that our pieces used all of the space available and that our primary colours were mixed carefully to create the shades of colour we needed.

Our Own Chapter of a Known Book

We have been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl this half term. In English we have written our own chapter, in the style of the author. We had great fun thinking of all the horrid things the characters could do to each other.

Gratitude at Christmas

Christmas is a time when Christians thank God that Jesus came to earth to show and tell people how to live. We thought of all of the people and things that we are thankful for and made paper chains showing our ‘thank yous’.

Marvellous Muscles

We have been learning how muscles allow us to move. We learnt that muscles work in pairs and that they can only contract. We made these models of an arm, using elastic bands for the biceps and triceps.

St Clements Church

In RE we have been learning about the importance of Christmas to Christians. We visited a local church to find out how the church and its members prepare for this important time of year.

Bones Galore

In Science we looked at real bones. We drew detailed drawings of the bones and thought about the things that we would like to know. We found the spine the most interesting, it has many small bones that are joined together to allow us to move around.


Healthier Pizza Toasties

As part of our topic Science topic 'Food and Our Bodies' we made delicious pizza toasties. A healthy snack that we can easily make at home with adult help.

Completed Replica Ancient Egyptian Musical Instruments.

Are instruments are now finished and we are very proud of them.

Design & Technology: Replica Ancient Egyptian Musical Instruments

We designed and made replica musical instruments that are replicas of those played during the ancient Egyptian period. The greatest challenge was joining the longer pieces together; we learnt how to reinforce the joins to add strength. 

Egyptian Day

Our topic in the Autumn term was Ancient Egypt.  History off the Page came in to help us explore life in Ancient Egypt.  We took part in different activities in the morning including making ink, carving soap and shaping bread.  In the afternoon we prepared and served a feast for the king and queen and found out that Mrs Abraham was plotting against the king!  

Harvest Festival

Year 3 put together a Harvest celebration that we presented to our parents.  The children did an amazing job acting and singing and informing the school and parents about harvest.  We also collected food and donated it to a local women's refuge.  Well done Year 3!