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  In this week's English we will be looking at story openers.  Read through the selection of openers from Leon Garfield's brilliantly written Shakespeare's stories from Orthello, The taming of the Shrew and The Tempest.


Your task. Can be completed over Monday and Tuesday.

To answer the questions below in your workbook or send into your class teacher via email for feedback. Enjoy these story openers.


1) Where are the stories set? Can you idenitify the story language that opens and draws and hooks the reader in?

2) If possible, print off and underline the clauses, seperated by commas. Notice how extra detail has been added to the sentences. Can you write your own sentence to include clauses seperated by a comma about your house or bedroom?

3) How many examples of figurative language can you spot. Remember similes are when something is like something else or as something else.  For example his hands were warm as toast. Write them in your book.

4)Do you understand all the powerful verb meanings. Use a dictionary or online thesaurus to find out any unfamiliar words.

5) After reading all three openers, if you had to choose which story would you carry on reading and why. Write a short paragraph to explain what you did or didn't like about the extracts.