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Extra optional not essential English task for those enthusiastic story writers.


Why not become an author over lockdown. When you do come back to school you could arrange to visit the infants school and read the children some of your amazing stories. Here are some setting ideas that you could use.

Work set is under Monday June 1st. 


By the end of today you will have:


Read at least three out of the four Shakespeare story openers.

Identified the setting locations for each.


Identified the clauses and written one of your own.


Identified the similies and metaphors or figurative language.


Bonus question..can you find any expanded noun phrases, ( for example the tall, red-haired lady that had silver rimmed glasses and wore pink wellies.)


Identified and found out the meanings of any unknown verbs or vocabulary.


Written a short paragraph about which story you would rather read and why?


Checked your work for neat, cursive handwriting, punctuation, good spelling, capital letters in the correct place, good sentence contstruction.

Have you emailed a copy to your class teacher yet?