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Prepare a debate about home learning. Consider the following statement:


Children should not have to do school work while they’re not at school.


  • Write a list of points that support the statement above.
  • Write a list of points that can be used as a counter argument to the statement.
  • Create a word bank of useful conjunctions and sentence starters, for example:

therefore, however, as a result of, on the other hand, consequently, for this reason, in
addition, firstly, finally etc.


Extension Ideas (optional choose one):

  • Talk through the debate with somebody else. You could take one side of the argument each. Ask each other lots of questions!


  • Write your side of the argument. Try and persuade someone else to agree with you. You could write it as a letter and send it to your local MP.


  • Write a balanced argument explaining both sides of the argument.


  • Write some for and against statements for another issue that interests you.