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Wednesday 17th June 2020.



Today's work with still be on the film clip, "The Piano." 

The focus of this is to write a dialogue between the characters.

You will need to use adequate punctuation and inverted commas.

TOP TIP: Remember that each new piece of dialogue from a new speaker gets written on a new line.


What would the old man in the film say to the ghost of his wife? Or to himself? 

What would he say to his dying brother in the trenches of war? What would he say to his grandson and what would his grandson say to him. You may need to rewatch the film to remind yourself or take another look at the photos that you described last week.


Read the documents detailing how to use inverted commas properly to help you. Watch the bbc bitesize clip. Remember to use commas to separate the words spoken from the he said, she said part.  Also, watch the twinkl videos to remind you. The inverted commas hug the spoken words.

For example,


"Remember to use a range of punctuation," reminded Mrs Greathead.


"We will ," replied the  enthusiastic voices of the children from Year Five!