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Verbs you could use to describe a flashback.

Try to avoid saying...HE HAD A FLASHBACK.



The sound of the sweet music..

The smell of....


transported him back to a time when....

started to make him think back to..

triggered his memory to think of ...

projected him immediately back to...

instantly catapaulted him back to....

took him back to ...

his mind drifted and wandered back to.....



Tuesday 16th June.

 Task: Finish writing your recount of the film, The Piano.


Success criteria checklist.

Have you used:


a range of punctuation?

Paragraphs with cohesive devices?

Fronted adverbials and adverb sentence starters?

Powerful adjectives, verbs with adverbs and expanded noun phrases?

Words to describe the old man's feelings and emotions?

A clear trigger for the flashback( a sound, visual or smell?)

The present tense to start?

The past tense for the flashback?

A clear trigger for the flashforward?

The feelings of the old man at the end of the film that brings it back to the present?


Make sure you check your spellings and make brave language choices with the sheets of volcabulary to help you. Avoid simple words like get, did, done, happy, sad but use a thesaurus to uplevel your language. Be specific.

Even better, can you use a simile, a methaphor, some personification?


Is this a piece of writing to be proud of? You could type it or write it out and decorate it in best. Perhaps with black and white piano keys or musical notes. Be proud of this, even it it takes a little longer than two days, make it count.