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Yesterday we read 'These are the Hands' by Michael Rosen. Over the next two lessons, we are going to write our own poem in the style of this one.

Today, choose a job or organisation (for example a school).

Write a list or mindmap of everything the hands do there. Think about all the different roles e.g a school has teachers, teaching assistants, cooks, caretaker, office staff, cleaners etc. Or you could write one about the pupils in a school.

e.g School ideas


write the date

mark the sum

collect the sheets

clean the board

correct the spelling

open the book

serve the food

clean the cut

answer the phone

sweep the floor


Children's hands ideas


write the date

draw the chart

throw the ball

turn the tap

chalk the floor

open the book

wash the brush

scrape the plate

compose the poem

design the poster

comfort a friend

scratch the head

polish the glasses

flip the bottle

wave hello

fold the paper

stick the sheet

go up in the air

signal to answer



Write down as many ideas as you can. You will need them for tomorrow.