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Write a story , diary entry or cartoon strip about how you have discovered some Ancient Egyptian treasures.


Imagine you are on holiday with your parents in Egypt and you stumble across a sandy, hidden entrance. Inside, there are all manner of undiscovered ancient Egyptian treasures.


Use excellent language including adjectives to describe the color and shininess of the treasure and time openers and a range of conjunctions to join your sentences, such as although, since, because, until, then, so, if, but .


Try to let the reader know how excited you feel as you discover these treasures for the first time by explaining how you are feeling rather than just saying you are excited and happy. Remember show how you feel through your thoughts and actions like an author and don't tell. Let the reader work it out for themselves.

Use the first person.

You can include illustrations too.


See objects one and two to help you.

See this website and imagine that YOU discovered some of these amazing artfacts!!