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This Term in Geography, Year 3 will be learning about rainforests and will be taught to:

  • Name some countries where rainforests are found.
  • Label a map to show countries where rainforests are found.
  • Find the Equator on a map.
  • Explain that rainforests are found near the Equator.
  • Describe what the weather is usually like in a tropical climate.
  • Name the four layers of a rainforest.
  • Explain about the climate in each layer.
  • Explain some similarities between the Amazon rainforest and Sherwood Forest.
  • Tell what deforestation means.



Please use the PowerPoint to gather information about where rainforests are found before completing the attached Tricky or Trickier worksheets. Both worksheets are similar on appearance however on one, you will be asked to match the country name to the correct labels and on the other, label each country identified.