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Lesson 4- Life in the Rainforest

This week in geography, learning is based around life in the rainforest. By the end of this lesson, the children should be able to name some animals that live in each layer of the rainforest, explain why different animals live in different layers and tell, in more detail, about one animal living in a rainforest. Use the PowerPoint to gather information before choosing one animal to research. Then follow the link attached both below and on the PowerPoint to fill in animal fact file with what you have found out.


Challenge: Look at the habitat for your chosen animal. Which layer of the rainforest would suit it best and why?


Extension- Design your very own rainforest animal!!


On the worksheet below, design your own rainforest animal. Think about:

  • where in the rainforest your animal will live;
  • what it will eat;
  • what colours it will be;
  • how it will move;
  • and whether it has any predators.