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This week in history, we think about the Olympic games and how this tradition started in Ancient Greece. You will need your detective skills to look at images of Greek vases (an historical source) from Ancient Greece to see what the Olympics was like back then. There is also a fascinating clip that tries to transport us back to that time.

Your task requires you to choose your level of challenge to compare and contrast the modern and ancient olympics.

Tricky and trickier will use the Venn diagram whilst the trickiest task asks you to complete a 'double bubble' which works in a similar way.

Double bubble instructions:

A double bubble is a thinking map designed to compare and contrast two items.In the linked bubbles in the middle the children write the things that are similar or true to both items and in the outer bubbles,the children write down the differences that are only true to each item.

Added extra board game (8 pages)