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Intention and Implementation


At Brookland, we want our children to love and appreciate reading. We want them to read a range of books that are of an appropriate level of challenge, fluently and confidently.


We aim for our children to be able to discuss the texts they are reading and make links with other books and real life experiences. Whilst doing this, we want to help them develop their vocabulary that will aid their learning, enjoyment and in turn improve their writing.


We want our children to be secondary school ready, so the whole curriculum is accessible to them.



The children will have access to wide range of books to read independently and the knowledge and help to choose one they will enjoy.  They can explore our library, our class book shelves and look at our website for recommendations and suitable book lists.


We make sure that any children who need support are read with individually in school and any further phonics interventions take place to support decoding.


Through guided reading sessions, the children are able to explore a range of appropriate texts.

We teach the children a range of skills and strategies to aid in both decoding and understanding, making sure the children have independence and enjoyment.  Coverage and progression of these skills are ensured through use of the HfL planning sheets.  Learning objectives must be covered, however more time must be spent on those needed by each individual, group or class.  Vocabulary and inference are particular areas for Brookland children to work on.


We also encourage reading at home and expect children to read at least 5 times a week.  We run a competition to see who can read the most and there are hints of how to make sessions at home productive on our website.


All children are assessed by their teacher at the end of each term and given an HfL level.  They also take part in an end of year written assessment  that aids teachers judgements.