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Lunchtime & School Dinner Charges

School Lunch

The present cost of a school meal is £2.60 per day. Children can choose whether to have a school meal every day, or a mixture of days. The charges for half-term for the various meal options are detailed below. 


Meals must ALWAYS be paid for in advance. Any child with money outstanding will be asked to bring in a packed lunch from home or go home for lunch until the debt is cleared.


Payment can be paid in any amount on School Gateway, weekly, monthly, half-termly, termly etc. as long as it is paid in advance. School Gateway will send a text message when your account is in arrears by £2.60 (the cost of one meal).


The school cook needs one week’s notice of any change to school meal arrangements. ‘Change to meal arrangement’ forms are available in the foyer or can be downloaded from our school website. This form must always be completed for any change to meal arrangements so that our school system is updated. Paying on School Gateway does not update our management system.


Meal Charges for the Period Tuesday 13th April to Friday 28th May 2021





Meal every day

33 £85.80

Mondays only

5 £13.00

Tuesdays only

7 £18.20

Wednesdays only

7 £18.20

Thursdays only

7 £18.20

Fridays only

7 £18.20

Wednesdays & Fridays only

14 £36.40

Mondays & Wednesdays only

12 £31.20

Mondays & Fridays only

12 £31.20

Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays only

19 £49.40

One meal




These charges do not take into account any school trips your child’s class may have: please deduct any meals your child may miss because of this. Meals are only paid for if your child is in on the day so any overpayment will be held on your child’s account. If your child goes home unexpectedly during the morning  then you will be charged for the missed meal.


Packed Lunch

If your child brings in a packed lunch it needs to adhere to our school healthy eating policy and should be:

- Balanced and nutritious

- Nut free

- No fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate

Children should bring their lunch into school in a small bag clearly labelled with their name and class.

Please be aware that we are a nut free school 

Drinking water is always available free of charge

Free School Meals Contact


We have a selection of daily activities and resources to help pupils develop skills of cooperation and turn-taking.The activities are rotated on a weekly basis around the year groups, this includes the use of our Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). We also have a range of lunchtime clubs including Quiet Zone: this area is used for drawing and reading, origami, games club, friendship club and construction club to name a few. Some children are selected to join these clubs and some are open to all.


Brookland Buddies

The Brookland Buddies are Year 5 and 6 pupils who apply to support others during lunchtime in the playground and inside during wet play. They wear yellow baseball caps so that they can be easily identified.



All lunchtime leaders have green cards and stickers that pupils may receive for displaying the school values.