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Continuing from yesterday- more opportunities to practise skills and tackle problems involving money.


Again, use of coins- real or otherwise is encouraged to help solve the problems. 




The activities are split into 3 groups by colour coded stars in the left hand corner of each question. 


Questions with a red star with a D in the centre are questions working towards a year 4 standard. All children should be able to answer these.


Questions with a blue star with an E in the middle are questions at the expected standard. Most children should be able to answer these.


Questions with a yellow/orange star with GD in the middle are working at year 4 but greater depth. Some children may be able to answer these. 


NOT ALL CHILDREN are expected to answer all questions. 


We recommend starting with the red star questions for everyone- when a few have been answered and if they are checked and correct- move onto the next level of problems. If they are incorrect, check and correct but stay with that level until they are correct.