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Problem Solving!


Problem solving relates to using a wide range of mathematical skills. Problems may involve your use of shape and space, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division- any area of maths in fact.


However, reasoning skills will need to be used such as logical thinking, working systematically (doing things in a particular order) and reading comprehension skills. 


Try and follow the steps below to help you solve the problems given.


1) As with any maths problem you ALWAYS need to carefully READ what the problem is asking/ telling you. Read it aloud if you can. 


2) UNDERSTAND which area of maths the problem is related to and which OPERATIONS you may need to use (if any). 

  • First I will need to... Then I will...


3) Realise what you ALREADY KNOW about the problem (the problem itself will often give you all the information you need to solve it). 

  • I know that... so I also know that...


4)  CONTINUE solving the problem- BREAK IT DOWN into smaller steps if you need to. Build it/ draw it/ say it 


5) CHECK your solution- work backwards using inverse operations (if appropriate).