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Data and Statistics


Well done those of you who completed the quizzes from yesterday! Many of you scored very well!


Today, we would like you to create your own chart or graph.


With an adult, we would like you take a short walk and look at the types of car, or colour of car in your local area. You can print off the provided tally chart template to help you.


Once you have collected your data in your tally chart, choose 3 types of chart or graph to show the data you have collected.


Choose 3 from :


Vertical Bar Graph

Horizontal Bar Graph

Block Graph

Line Graph

Pie Chart (challenge!) 


You can use the 2graph tool on Purple Mash to show how your charts and graphs could look. 


Please watch the videos below to see how to draw graphs and charts. 


When you have drawn your 3 graphs for your data. Write a short paragraph (3 sentences) explaining which graphs best shows your data and why.


Remember to take pictures of your graphs and upload to your class blog!



Car Tally Template (editable)