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Book Reviews

A place called Perfect - Helena Duggan 

I likes this book because the family went to Perfect and they had some tea, which turned them blind so when Violet met Boy he helped her to stop the brothers and restored everyone’s vision.  I think everyone would like this book.    


Alex Rider - Anthony Horowitz

I recommend Alex Rider if you like stories.  It has lots of fighting and great vocabulary.  At one point it is so exciting I forgot to breathe!  There is a whole series for you to read. I thing anyone in year 5 or 6 would enjoy this book.

Aaron and Thomas

Look Up - Nathan Bryon

This book is about a young girl called Rocket , who is always looking up as she loves space. One day she wants to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space- traveller just like Mae Jamison , she is always looking through her telescope at the stars and she is very excited about the Phoenix Meteor Shower that she wants to go and watch at the park , her brother is taking her but never looks up as he is always on his phone . Rocket goes to the park with her brother to watch it but it never happens so she is sad , but just as they are going home her brother looks up and there is a big bright light , Jamal and Rocket lay back on the hill and watch the meteor shower , both happy they shared the experience.
Anybody who loves star gazing would love this book , it’s a very happy ending.

The Worst Witch - Jill Murphy

Review Rating: 9/10

The Worst Witch is a story about a young girl called Mildred who is a clumsy witch. All of the other girls at the Academy are clever and great witches except for Mildred who always gets in trouble for messing up. However, Mildred becomes the real hero in the end when she saves the school!

This story is full of magic and it is funny when Mildred makes mistakes, but you hope that she does well and beats the evil characters in the end.

I think that lots of children will enjoy this book because it is a fun children’s book with lots of magical adventure.

Jill Murphy has written a series of The Worst Witch books and I can’t wait to read the rest of them!


Captain Underpants Books - Dav Pilkey

Captain Underpants Books are about a bad, angry headteacher named Mr. Krupp.

George and Harold are 2 cool kids at the school. They are always doing pranks and getting into trouble.

George and Harold find a 3-D hipno-Ring in Mr Krupp’s cupboard full of confiscated stuff.

This ring has hidden magic powers and they use it to hypnotize Mr. Krupp, to make him believe he is Captain Underpants- A Superhero.

He takes all his clothes off except his BIG pants and a red cloak.

Now, whenever Mr Krupp hears somebody snap their fingers, he turns into Captain Underpants and shouts “Tra-la-laaaa” and whenever somebody splashes water on Captain Underpants face, he turns back into mean ole Mr. Krupp.

Together they fight crime that come to life.

I like these books because of the cool superhero and George and Harold are so funny.

Everyone would enjoy these books.

By Michael 

The Midnight Unicorn  - Alice Remming

Once upon a time there lived a Queen and a King.  One day the Queen gives birth to twins and the Queen's brother attacks them.  The two baby girls get split up.  If you have read Harry Potter you would enjoy this book.


Demon Dentist - David Walliams

A boy called Alfie hates going to the dentist and always tries to get out of it but when the awful dentist Miss Root appears there is nothing Alfie can do to escape.  I think children of 5+ would enjoy this story.


Doctor Proctor’s Time Travel Bath Bomb - Jo Nesbro

It is about 2 friends who know a man who is a professor and goes to Paris to find a girl he likes.  He is going to ask her to marry him but he never returns.  So the two friends go to Paris to find him.  It is a great book and I think you should try it.                           


The Football Boy Wonder - Martin Smith

This is a great book and is very interesting.  There is a boy classed Charlie who likes football but he can no longer play because he got struck by lightning.  Anyone who enjoys playing football or wants to learn would enjoy reading this book.


My Mum, Tracey Beaker - Jacqueline Wilson

I liked this book because it was fun and adventurous.  It is about Tracey Beaker and her daughter Jess.  I think most 9-12 year olds would like it.