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CHEXS is a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ whose primary aim and passion is to advance education for the public benefit through the provision of educational support for both children and adults alike; this includes an increasingly wide range of extra-curricular activities, extended services and family support for the benefit of all members of our local and extended community.

Everyone matters!!

Community – We aim to create a united community working together with a sense of belief and ownership, tackling local issues and improving community relationships.

Homes – We want to help people have a better home life through improved communication, relationships and life skills for the whole family.

Enrichments – We engage children & young people in positive activities within the community to help raise self-esteem, confidence and aspirations whilst developing vital life skills.

eXtra-mile – We work tirelessly to make a difference and our focus is always to put families’ and communities’ best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Support – We endeavour to ensure CHEXS’ diligence, passion, professionalism, enthusiasm, loyalty and local knowledge provides support for all the families and local communities that we serve.

In partnership with the school, CHEXS will be providing a range of activities and courses for you and your children.

Please see below flyers from CHEXS with upcoming courses and events which may be of interest to you.