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Computing and Online Safety


Computing and Online Safety at Brookland Junior is currently lead by Mr Scott.

We base our teaching around the Purple Mash Computing scheme of learning to ensure our children are provided with a content rich, varied and engaging Computing Curriculum. The computing curriculum consists of 3 key areas:  Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital literacy. 

Through the teaching and learning of Computing we strive for our children to develop key skills, like logical thinking, strategy and communication through a varied range of programming activities. These activities will provide our children the opportunities to control and debug both physical and virtual systems, enabling them to gather a better understanding of how technology works in a modern day society. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for children to use a range of technological platforms such as; laptops, Chromebooks and Ipads. We believe it is important children see the similarities and difference between each service provider so they can transfer skills from one platform to another alongside making an informed decision about which provides the most useful software to accomplish any given goal. 

We use an award-winning online learning platform, 'Purple mash' to support our Teaching and Learning of Computing. Purple Mash provides a safe online environment where children can access a range of cross curricular resources to support their learning, including times tables and spelling. We provide each child with their own unique username and password to access Purple Mash online. Parents are also given a parent code so they can access the parent area of Purple Mash and reward/ view/comment on their child's activity.   

Access our Purple Mash portal below (you can save this link as a favourite or bookmark the page for easy access).

Long Term Planning


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