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Spanish is the European language we learn at Brookland Junior , led by Mrs Andrea Greathead and the children love it! It is delivered by class teachers using a specialist program and we foster an enthusiasm of this subject and link with Geography by learning about Spanish speaking countries.  

We base our teaching around the excellent Language Angels scheme of learning to ensure our children are provided with a content rich, varied and engaging Spanish Curriculum which includes songs, games, and many opportunities to listen and repeat with emphasis on pronunciation practise.  All levels are planned for and additional support is given to our learners where required to help them suceed. 

Children start by learning basic sentences such as their names and how to state where they live and build on these skills with a progressive timetable throughout their time at Brookland so they can show good progress and be familiar with learning a language in preparation for secondary school transition.

Experts believe that exposure of children to a new language before aged ten can be beneficial to their learning in all subject areas. Spanish is taught explicitly, but children are taught to reflect on the language patterns and analyse their learning.

In non-pandemic times, we have also worked in partnership with neighbouring Haileybury Turnford secondary school, who have delivered subject specialist learning to upper keystage two. 

Feel free to view our rich, varied curriculum below.