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Who's Who

Meet the dedicated staff at Brookland Junior School

Headship Team

Mrs M Barton - Headteacher                               

Mr A Pugh - Deputy Headteacher                   

Mrs C Abraham - Assistant Headteacher               

Miss C Clark - SENDCo     

Class Teachers

Year 3: Mrs C Abraham, Miss C Clark, Miss A Kypri and Miss N Reilly

Year 4: Mr M Kaal, Mrs A Greathead and Mrs J Tyler-Jones

Year 5: Mrs L Xhafferaj, Miss A Bridgeman and Mr D Bloomfield

Year 6: Miss K Church, Mr A Pugh, Mrs K Gorton, Mrs A Aristidou and Miss S Harrison

Higher-Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs P Coombs, Mr M Cawley and Mr R Ladyman

Teaching Assistants

Year 3: Mrs D Moore, Miss J Carruthers and Mrs E Chikoti

Year 4: Mrs K Phillips, Mrs M Furness and Mrs C Dunn

Year 5: Ms S Bishop, Mrs J Gilder and Mrs E Mulla

Year 6: Mrs A Clark, Mrs V Curry and Mr J Wyatt

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs G Laxton, Ms F Ioannou and Mrs B Tsourou

Office and Site Staff

Miss S Murphy - School Business Manager

Mrs L Clancy - Admin Assistant

Mr P Smith - Site Manager

Sunrise/Sunset Club Staff

Sunrise - Mrs P Coombs and Mrs K Phillips

Sunset - Mrs A Tatham, Mr M Cawley and Mrs L Clancy

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs J Hall and Mrs O Fatik


Mrs N Rainbow, Mrs C Grubnic, Mrs C Geraghty and Mrs M Camacho

Kitchen Staff

Mrs D Page - Head Cook

Mrs B Alderson - Deputy Cook