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This Term in Science, Year 3 will be learning about light and will be taught to:

  • Recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.
  • Notice that light is reflected from surfaces.
  • Recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect their eyes.
  • Recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.
  • Find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.



Please use the PowerPoint to gather information about light and dark. At two points in the PowerPoint you will be indicated to complete activities.

The first:

What do you already know?

Create a mind map to show what you already know about light.

Can you think of any questions you would like to find out about light?


The second activity provides a choice of either Tricky, Trickier or Trickiest. Complete the sheet to explain what you have found out.