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Sycamore class spent the afternoon writing each other compliments and also writing things that they love about themselves. Reading them out was a lovely way to end the half term. Have a great one guys!

Sharing the love for Feeling Good Week!

Sharing the love for Feeling Good Week! 1
Sharing the love for Feeling Good Week! 2
Sharing the love for Feeling Good Week! 3

A HUGE well done to Layla, Riddhi and Rosie who designed and distributed a quiz in order to raise money for animals affected by the Australian wildfires.


The children raised just under £40 and inspired Miss Mansi to donate as well - bringing their total to £50.


We decided that the money was best spent becoming WWF 'Koala Protectors'. Well done girls - the Brookland community are so proud of you!

Picture 1

Sycamore Class have taken it upon themselves to attempt to break a world record!


Using scrap paper, the children are attempting to created the world's longest paper chain.


The current individual world record stands at 779.21m but we are going to attempt the longest group chain within a certain amount of time.


Well done Sycamore Class for your innovation!

Going for a record...

Going for a record... 1
Going for a record... 2

Christmas fun has started in Sycamore Class! 


While finishing off our topic, the children took it in turns to ice biscuits. Evidence was swiftly eaten but lots of fun was had!

Science: Investigating Shadows

Sycamore Class have had an AMAZING first term in Year 6! 




We are currently redrafting and publishing our adventure narrative writing, based on Alice in Wonderland. They are coming along marvellously, full of atmospheric setting descriptions and suspense!



Sycamore Class are Maths geniuses. They amaze me with their understanding and are currently mastering their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. Keep practising those times tables though guys!


Other Curriculum Areas

Our humanities topic for Spring One is 'Raging Rivers' so if you want to do some pre-topic research, start brushing up on your atlas skills and see if you can find out the principle rivers of each continent :)