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Week 2 - w/b 27th April

Hi Year 6, 


Here is to week 2 of Summer 1 - we hope you are all staying physically active and using the resources we are providing for you to help you keep your brains ticking over. 


Start each day (if you can) with Joe Wicks workout. If you miss one, you can do it at a different point in the day. If you don't want to jump around like a crazy person, there are plenty of other workout options for you to do e.g. Yoga for kids - very relaxing! There is nothing better than starting your day with exercise, it makes you much more productive and ready to get your learning on. I know I am starting my day with a workout, each morning, Mrs Barton is running around after her children to start her day off, Miss Mansi will be singing and dancing around her living room and Mr Kaal will be being Mr Kaal!


Once you have completed the workout, have a short break, some water and a snack and put your learning hats on.


The tasks should not take you too long but they will make you think about what we have already learnt and we'll need you to apply these skills to the tasks. Don't worry if you do not have a printer, the sheets do not need to be printed out, you can complete them on paper or if you have an exercise book or note pad, just write your answers on there (Don't copy out the whole page!). Just remember to have the screen open so that you can see what to do. 


If you need us, don't forget to email us on the class email addresses, as some of you have already done and we'll help you in any way we can. Send us some pictures of your work or any thing else you think we might want to see - we are actually missing seeing your faces every day!


Don't forget that you can also use Purple Mash for some additional tasks and the BBC Bitesize daily lessons for some additional English and Maths practise, as well as some other curriculum subjects, if you find yourself bored and with some time on your hands.


Follow the link for BBC Bitesize daily lessons:


Enjoy the tasks, take some pictures and stay safe.


Year 6 Team