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I would like to help in school?

All parents have a very important role to play in the life of the school.  Research studies have shown that children’s levels of motivation and interest in school are significantly strengthened if they know that their parents take an active interest in all school activities and lend support and practical help when they can.  Here are some of the ways in which parents can support the school:

  • Reading the newsletters, emails and texts and taking note of dates. 
  • Following us on Facebook - Search for Brookland Junior School Group - This is a closed group which you can only join with authorisation from the school.
  • Being active in PTFA activities and meetings.
  • Offering to help in the classrooms with a range of tasks and activities, e.g. listening to the children read
  • Considering becoming a School Governor when vacancies arise
  • Attending school events (Parent/Teacher Meetings, sports events, special assemblies etc.)

If you would like to help in the School on an occasional or regular basis, please contact your child's teacher.

NB All voluntary helpers in School will be required to sign our volunteers' agreements. This is normal practice in most schools.


I want to discuss something with my child’s teacher?

We hold two formal Parent/Teacher meetings a year.  These individual meetings to discuss children’s progress and set targets are held during the autumn and spring terms. The dates and times are published on our website and text reminders are sent.  Appointments are made on-line. There is also an informal, more general Open Evening, providing a chance to celebrate the year’s work.  In addition to these consultation meetings, teachers are always happy to discuss any issues or concerns which you may have about any aspect of your child’s life in school. Messages can be sent to your child’s teacher via the class email address.


I want to speak to the Headteacher?

Mrs Barton or Mr Pugh are always pleased to talk to you, however we do ask that parents follow the appropriate process, firstly speaking to the class teacher, then Year Group Leader, then a senior leader and then finally either Mr Pugh or Mrs Barton if an issue is not resolved. An appointment can be made through the school office.


I notice my child has head lice?

You must treat it immediately. Advice can be sought from your local pharmacy about which lotion is currently most effective.  Once treated you must continue to check your child’s hair every day in case you have missed any of the eggs.  If you do not treat your child straightaway, it will cause them considerable discomfort and they will soon become distracted during lessons.  Remember to let the school know so that we can contact other parents to let them know they may need to check their child’s hair.


My child needs medication?

We are able to administer medication only if a doctor has prescribed it and the relevant form, (administering medication) has been completed.  This form is available in the foyer or can be downloaded from our school website.


My child needs to be collected early?

If for any reason you need to collect your child during the teaching sessions, please go to the main reception. The office staff will collect your child from their class and you will be required to sign them out. So that this works well for everyone, please let us know, in advance, the time and reason you will be collecting your child.