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More photos and work from Willow. We love seeing what you are up to!

VE day images

Have a happy and safe Easter. We look forward to seeing what you get up to!

More from us after the 2 week break. Mrs Burbidge and Mrs Gorton.

We are finding this time very strange without seeing you all! No doubt you miss seeing and sharing things with your friends too.

However, we are so pleased to see some of the fabulous learning you are doing at home during this self isolation time. 

We will add to these pictures weekly, so make sure you use the class email to send them to us. Whether it's set learning or other creative activities you've been doing as a family, we'd love you to share them with us and the rest of Willow class.

Work from Willow Purplemash or emailed in

Photos of your online learning - keep them coming!

Spring 2

Spring 2 began and we have had some great fun learning about playscripts, fractions and starting our digestion, salvation and crime and punishment topics.Our learning has been interrupted a little now we are all in self isolation.However, click on the online learning star to see the many things you can keep busy with!


Please remember to keep reading, writing about anything that interests you and practising those times tables and spellings!


Whatever you are up to, whether it's baking, jigsaws, building or creating, please share pictures with us via our class email.We would love to see them!


Hopefully, see you all very soon!

Spring 1.

Spring 1 has been another busy and exciting half term !

Willow class have worked so hard - below are some of the headlines- but there's too much to mention everything, so please ask the children about their learning.All of our learning ties in closely with our Brookland Six values and of course our Unicef Rights Respecting work.


English has focused on explanation writing. We have used the texts Until I met Dudley and Charlie Small (Gorilla City) for inspiration.The children have worked to include fronted adverbials, technical language and to add detail for their reader through their use of conjunctions and prepositional phrases. Published examples of their explanation of 'How a Steam Powered Rhino works' will follow shortly.


Progress has been made in the speed of recall of times tables due to daily morning practice. However, please continue to support the children with these at home! The improved recall has been evident during learning on the formal written method for multiplication and will undoubtedly help the children as they move onto division. Other learning has seen the children focus on 2d shape and their properties as well as different angles and lines. Challenge: Willow class, can you explain the meaning of acute, obtuse and right angles or  parallel, perpendicular, horizontal , vertical and diagonal lines?


This half term in RE has seen the children discover what Hindus believe about their god. They have used clips, pictures and artefacts to discover more about a shrine and puja worship.They are building on existing knowledge and comparing ideas from different religions. Well done!


During Geography, we have been consolidating knowledge of continents, oceans and rivers.The children have focused on water and in particular the water cycle and within this context, causes of flooding and issues of pollution.


Willow class have been enjoying learning about states of matter in science. They have been busy investigating liquids, solids and gases which connects with our geography learning. Practical investigations have taken place and the children have used thermometers to investigate the melting point of chocolate amongst other things!


Our design technology has also linked to our science in a really 'cool' way! We have been food tasting and designing a healthy lolly suitable for a toddler.

Willow Timetable (Spring)
Autumn 2

Willow Class have had a very busy Autumn term 2!

They have worked so hard - here are some of the highlights, but there's too much to mention everything, so ask the children!

They have enjoyed their trip to the Roman baths and will continue (in the Spring term) to learn about how the Romans have had an impact on our lives today .

In English, the children have enjoyed various Roman myths and are using all the skills they have learned to re-tell the myth of Romulus and Remus.

By now, the children should be experts in how to care for their teeth and be able to share the outcome of their science experiments!

 The Christian belief in the Trinity has been our focus this half term and  the children have written some fabulous Kenning poems.

Right now of course we are busy rehearsing our Christmas production - How the Grinch stole Christmas-we hope you enjoy it!

Roman Bath Visit


RE Kenning poems about the Trinity