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Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to Year 6!  After a difficult couple of academic years for the whole community, we are looking forward to offering all the exciting opportunities we can for our children so that their last year at Brookland is a full, happy and successful one. The children have settled so well and appear ready for the challenges ahead. 


Please remember that Year 6 is so much more than just the SATs assessments. The children will be covering some exciting topics across the year such as Victorians, World War II, Trade and Industry, Light, Evolution, Mechanical structures, Cooking,  Buddhism, Humanism and so the list goes on AND  that's without the end of year production and of course PGL. We hope that there is something for everyone in there!


If you have any concerns, please do email your child's teacher on the class emails in the first instance. If it is crucial that the teacher sees it first thing, a note in the planner or a word to the member of staff on the gate will ensure a speedier reply/awareness of the issue. We are keen to work together as a team- home and school- to ensure the best outcome for all our children.

So, let's hold on tight, keep washing those hands and remain vigilant and enjoy the Year 6 ride!