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Year Six



Year 6 have been learning all about Climate Change. 


Our BIG question for this unit was:


'How can we minimise the impact humans have on the earth'


Lesson One - What is Climate?

Lesson Two - What are biomes?

Lesson Three - What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Lesson Four - What is causing Global Warming?

Lesson Five - What is my Carbon Footprint?

Lesson Six - What are we going to do about it?


This unit has culminated in the children taking ACTION! All children were given a choice of the four main areas of action:


Raising Awareness


Making personal lifestyle changes



The ideas from the children have been AMAZING and your child may already have brought home a quiz to raise money or their personal pledge for how they are going to make small changes in their own lives in order to take action against climate change. Well done year 6! You are the future!


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